Business Clients

Tax services for business clients

Not only can we help you fulfill your tax obligations, we would also be happy to advise you in complex German and international tax law matters. We are here for you and can assist you in many areas including the following:
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  • Preparing company tax returns
  • Conducting financial and payroll accounting
  • Providing assistance and advice during company audits and special tax audits
  • Providing assistance and advice in social insurance law matters
  • Providing representation in opposition proceedings and legal proceedings
  • Preparing expert tax and business reports
  • Advising in VAT and income tax matters
  • Advising in salary tax matters
  • Optimizing your payment system
  • Cross-border affairs (see International Tax Law)
  • Inhouse training
  • Input VAT refund applications (see VAT)
  • Advising in corporate succession and shareholding acquisitions

Financial statements for business clients

Financial statements are more than just an important source of information for partners, shareholders and lenders. They are also a central control and planning tool that you as an entrepreneur can use to determine what direction you want your company to take. We can assist you in key accounting activities:
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  • Preparing financial statements / balance sheets and income statements
  • Preparing cash flow account statements with list of accounts
  • Handling your property accounting
  • Preparing company tax returns
  • Preparing disclosure reports
  • Reviewing your statements including professional recommendations
  • Collaboration with your company’s bank: submitting your credit rating documents

Financial accounting for business clients

Information provided by operational accounting records is key in all business planning activities and decisions. These records provide the information needed to make accurate statements to the fiscal authorities. Our services include:
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  • Conducting financial accounting
  • Preparing short-term profit and loss accounts
  • Reviewing receipts for input tax deduction
  • Keeping current accounts records (customers and suppliers) with an open items list
  • Cost accounting (cost centers, cost units)
  • Preparing VAT preliminary returns, filing applications for permanent extension with the tax office
  • Preparing individual business assessments
  • Data archiving
  • Preparing and participating in special VAT audits and company audits
  • Online billing

Payroll accounting for business clients

Payroll and salary accounting is currently one of the most complex components of the accounting process. Preparing payroll involves income tax, social security and employment legislation. We can help you master these challenges:
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  • On-going salary and wage accounting
  • Cash wage accounting
  • Preparing statements pursuant to the German civil service collective agreement (TVöD)
  • Preparing travel expense statements
  • Preparing all notices for health insurance companies and tax authorities
  • Advice on how best to structure salary and wage payments
  • Sending salary and wage payments to your bank
  • Preparing applications for continued payment of wages
  • Providing certificates for employment offices, etc.
  • Keeping statistics
  • Providing assistance in income tax and social insurance audits
  • Providing assistance in applications for short-time allowance
  • Clarifying aspects involving employment tax and social security legislation
  • Advice on how best to structure employment relationships: service contracts, contracts for work and services, freelance contracts for services
  • Advice on drafting service contracts and works agreements and on structuring collective agreements

Online accounting and billing for business clients

In the wake of increasing digitalization, using coordinated software products can provide you with closely connected collaboration options as well as considerable flexibility. Using the “Unternehmen online” software by Datev eG offers many advantages:
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  • You keep all of your invoices and receipts. You don’t have to send your invoices and receipts to us
  • Saves paper, because digital invoices don’t need to be printed
  • Simple, online application (very little program installation / administration / on-site data back-ups required)
  • Secure data transfer with smart card and password
  • Your accounting records are always up-to-date
  • Invoices and receipts can be processed as soon as you scan them in and send them to the DATEV data center, e.g. for preparing payment records for your bank
  • Access at all times to all of your financial accounting information
  • Convenient search function for receipts and invoices in online folder
  • Online cash accounting
  • Online payment transactions can be conveniently conducted via the online accounting feature. The system works with payment deadlines, discounts and scheduling

Want to create your invoices online? Datev order management can help you with:

  • Preparing estimates, confirming orders, issuing delivery notes and preparing invoices
  • Inventory management
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Sending digital invoices and receipts directly to us

Interested in using these products? Get in touch in with us.