Corporate Restructuring / Insolvency Services

Successful corporate restructuring heavily depends on being able to identify company crises right away. Our end-to-end consulting approach helps you recognize the signs of a crisis before it grows so that you can take effective countermeasures.

A strong, competent partner is invaluable, especially in times of crisis. We work with you to come up with effective solutions. We can help you:

  • Assess restructuring options, crisis management, keep your business going
  • Prepare an insolvency status statement
  • Create restructuring concepts and strategies as well as insolvency plans
  • Business planning / going concern concepts
  • Advice, representation and negotiations with insolvency administrators, creditors, debtors and their spouses
  • Liability of directors, partners and banks to revenue authorities
  • Continuation forecasts
  • Negotiations with creditors, e.g. regarding new financing, debt deferral agreements
  • Review obligations to file an insolvency petition
  • Rebuild an independent livelihood after insolvency