Online Accounting and Billing

Online accounting and billing for business clients

In the wake of increasing digitalization, using coordinated software products can provide you with closely connected collaboration options as well as considerable flexibility. Using the “Unternehmen online” software by Datev eG offers many advantages:
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  • You keep all of your invoices and receipts. You don’t have to send your invoices and receipts to us
  • Saves paper, because digital invoices don’t need to be printed
  • Simple, online application (very little program installation / administration / on-site data back-ups required)
  • Secure data transfer with smart card and password
  • Your accounting records are always up-to-date
  • Invoices and receipts can be processed as soon as you scan them in and send them to the DATEV data center, e.g. for preparing payment records for your bank
  • Access at all times to all of your financial accounting information
  • Convenient search function for receipts and invoices in online folder
  • Online cash accounting
  • Online payment transactions can be conveniently conducted via the online accounting feature. The system works with payment deadlines, discounts and scheduling

Want to create your invoices online? Datev order management can help you with:

  • Preparing estimates, confirming orders, issuing delivery notes and preparing invoices
  • Inventory management
  • Reports and evaluations
  • Sending digital invoices and receipts directly to us

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Online accounting and billing for SMEs

To make your business a success you need reliable partners who can provide you with sound advice and assistance as well as software that effectively supports your business processes.

SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lexware or another system?
We can assist you with your business accounting by:
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  • Helping you select and use the right system
  • Helping you set up interfaces to Datev eG software
  • Handling accounting activities directly in your EDP system
  • Handling payment transaction activities
  • Handling controlling activities

Datev “Mittelstand Faktura pro” software
to create estimates and invoices, centrally manage information on prices, products and customers and effectively manage digital documents: Each work step is logical. With the DATEV “Mittelstand Faktura und Rechnungswesen pro” software, you always know which estimates and invoices are still pending.
Thanks to the integrated accounting components in DATEV “Mittelstand Faktura und Rechnungswesen pro” you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Sending billing data to the integrated financial accounting feature with just the click of a mouse
  • Linking accounting records to digital or scanned invoices and credits
  • Posting receipts and invoices with the reliable DATEV posting feature
  • Efficiently managing open items and dunning activities
  • Online banking components for convenient payments

We can help you choose and implement your software.