Financial Accounting

Financial accounting for business clients

Information provided by operational accounting records is key in all business planning activities and decisions. These records provide the information needed to make accurate statements to the fiscal authorities. Our services include:
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  • Conducting financial accounting
  • Preparing short-term profit and loss accounts
  • Reviewing receipts for input tax deduction
  • Keeping current accounts records (customers and suppliers) with an open items list
  • Cost accounting (cost centers, cost units)
  • Preparing VAT preliminary returns, filing applications for permanent extension with the tax office
  • Preparing individual business assessments
  • Data archiving
  • Preparing and participating in special VAT audits and company audits
  • Online billing

Financial accounting for SMEs

The main purpose of outsourced accounting processes is to provide all of the information required for statements and preliminary returns to the tax authorities as well as to provide extensive information to the executive management. No matter how the process is structured, we can assist you in all of your accounting activities as an outsourced process or even take over all or part of your accounting activities while using your system. The goal is to make the most of the interfaces already in place. Our services include:
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  • Advice on how to best organize, set up and optimize your accounting processes
  • Integrating processes at your company and using interfaces already in place
  • Helping you outsource all or part of your accounting processes
  • Conducting financial accounting directly in your system (e.g. SAP)
  • Cost accounting (cost centers, cost units) and budget planning